Annual Recital


Tips for first recital – parent guide

Our commitment is to properly inform our parents and students on all information regarding our annual recital for a smooth and enjoyable process.  Below you will find an outline of all upcoming recital details, including dress rehearsal (as the schedule becomes available).

Event Location:

Brodhead High School Auditorium
2501 W 5th Avenue
Brodhead, WI 53520

There will be at total of 4 performances in 2020:  

All students will be assigned to a Blue or Orange show and will perform in one show each day (Saturday and Sunday).  We will do our very best to keep siblings in the same show.  (See chart)

More information regarding the show order will be released at a later date.  The shows are broken up by color to help keep us organized, your dancer will be in either the Blue or Orange show.   Note:  Senior level students (green on the schedule) will perform in all shows.

No regular classes are held the week of recital.  Instead, dress rehearsal will be  Thursday night (Blue Show)  and Friday (Orange Show) beginning at 5 p.m.  at the high school on-stage. Full make-up, hair, and costume are required for dress rehearsal.  

Note: Parents will get a time slot on picture night to be at rehearsal – based on the recital show order.

Ticket Information:

–> Click Here for Ticket Ordering Information <


  • Hairstyle TBD by your instructor– Generally speaking: ballet is in a high or low bun and tap/jazz in a ponytail. Please ask your instructor if you are unsure.
  • Tights must be classic pink and are available for purchase at the front desk. We will also have extra tights available for purchase back stage during the show.
  • Shoes should be clean and free of scuff marks or holes. You can wipe down shoes with soap and water to freshen them up for the performance.
  • Hairstyle visual – Top Knot vs Bun Click Here

Stage Make-up Instructions:

Dancers, even young ones, wear make-up on stage in order to make their faces and expressions visible to the audience.   Make-up can emphasize facial features that would otherwise be washed out by stage lights.

Please see the handouts below for make-up colors and application.

> Make-Up Brands Handout
> Make-Up Application Visual

Dress Rehearsal(s) Information: 2020

  • Recital Practice – Dress Rehearsal April 16 and 17– at Brodhead High School Auditorium – no regular classes this week, rehearsal only. 
  • Blue Show – On Stage Practice – Thursday April 16, (4:30 -9)* 
  • Orange Show – On Stage Practice – Friday April 17, (4:30 -9)*
  • Advanced Green students in all rehearsals and recitals

Dress rehearsals will be held for each show  beginning at 5 p.m.- this is held on-stage at the high school. Full make-up, hair, and costume are required for dress rehearsal. 

Which show(s) are you in?  See this color chart.  Find your class/color.


Photography and Video Information:

  • The performance will be officially recorded. DVD’s will include both the Orange and Blue performances.
  • Please remember that flash photography during our performances is prohibited. The flash of light can be dangerous for our dancers.

Flowers & Gifts:

  • Flowers will be available for purchase in the front lobby during recital weekend.
  • Additional gifts and small snacks will also be available. Treat your dancer(s) to a special surprise!