Frequent Questions – FAQ

What is the Brodhead Dance Academy? The Brodhead Dance Academy was established in 2001 at the Brodhead Health and Fitness Center.  We started on Saturday mornings with 30 students and are now home to more than 200 dancers taking classes each week.  Our legal name is BHF Dance Academy LLC because of our roots at the fitness center, but we do business as Brodhead Dance Academy today.
Who teaches the classes? We have a staff of highly trained instructors with college degrees in dance or other specialties that are great with kids. Our teachers specialize in multiple styles of dance, so your child may have more than one teacher depending on the number of classes taken. Many classes also have a student demonstrator available to assist.  

How old do they need to be to start?  Pre-ballet class is the first class option available for 3 – 4 year olds (boys and girls). After that, you can start at any age. 
When can I start?   New students can join for Summer classes and at the start of the Fall season in Sept – Nov.  After November, special considerations would need to be made.  Call us if you are new to the area, we will do our best to find a spot.  Our traditional dance season runs from Sept. – til the Spring recital.
Which class should I pick?  Start with ballet or pre-ballet.  All dancers should have ballet for about 3 years before they branch out into tap, jazz, or hip hop classes. The teachers will help select the best class for you and may move you to another class after a few weeks to find a better fit. 
We do have an alternative offering for mini-tap for age 5 and up but you need to also take a ballet class with that package.For students starting out at an older age (after age 7) we still recommend ballet, but have additional offertings in tap, jazz, hip hop or modern.

For serious ballet students, we suggest more than one ballet class per week with two barre sessions – this is the only way to get into those long-awaited pointe shoes!  We can also recommend other studios for additional training when requested. You need to tell us just how serious you are so we can help you grow.

How much time is required?  We practice each class once per week. Most classes are 30 minutes long; however, some classes are 45 minutes. Our normal season starts in September and finishes in April when we host our annual recital. We ask that you commit to be at all classes, it’s a team sport.  Classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings starting at 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

How much do classes cost? A basic 30 min. class is $325 for the entire 32-week season. Plus an annual $25.00 registration fee per student.   You will also be charged a $60 costume fee per class. (if you chose to be in recital)  45 min. classes are $345 for 32-week season.

Do you accept credit/debit cards? Yes, please pay at the front desk with a credit card. We also have other options such as monthly payments via ACH (direct account debit) or payments by check.  We accept PayPal and credit/debit cards online through the parent portal (DanceStudioPro). Click to view our privacy policy.

How big are the class sizes?
Typically classes have 8-10 students.  It may vary slightly depending on need and teacher availability.  
What if my child doesn’t like the class, can I get my money back?   Yes, future classes are refundable should you decide not to stick with the program.  However, it is rare that this happens. For parents of very young kids, you need to give it a up to 6 weeks before you make that decision. Our teachers are skilled at dealing with the little dancers who can have trouble detaching from mom and dad. Sometimes you have to come to class and watch for a couple of weeks to make them comfortable.  If you feel like the class you were placed into is not the right fit, please discuss it with your teacher and we will make changes if possible.  There are no changes or refunds after Nov. 1.

Can I watch my child during class?  Sometimes. Generally, the classes are for students only.  We host Visitor Days a couple of times throughout the year when you can sit in and watch the entire class.  We do ask that parents of pre-ballet students sit in the waiting area, so we can find you if your child needs to visit the restroom or another need arises during class.   (Visitor’s Days are cancelled due to COVID)
Do you compete in dance competitions? No, we don’t.  While we certainly have the talent, we have not started a competition team. If you really want to do competitions we can recommend other studios nearby where you can take class.  We want you to dance! 
What is a recital? Our recital is an exhibition on stage at the Brodhead High School.  Each class has its own music and routine along with a matching costume.  The show is great fun for the students and gives them a chance to learn many new skills as they perform in public.  It’s a great experience and we do a professional quality show that gets rave reviews each year.  Tickets will be sold for 2022 shows.
Are there other expenses besides the class fees?  Yes, additional costs for costumes, shoes, and dancewear apply. Please call or see our front desk for details.  The costume fee is $60.00 per class.  New tights $8 or $10 will also be required for recital. The teachers select and order a costume designed to fit your dancer. This payment is required for all costumes in November so we can order them.
As we approach the recital we do have an optional picture day where you can purchase professional photos. 
You will also need to purchase tickets for the recital for you, your guests ($12) and your dancer (discounted only $2) 
Where to I get shoes and clothing for class?  From us!  You can order shoes and clothing from The Brodhead Dance Academy. There are items at the studio for immediate purchase. Generally, if you need a special order it arrives in one week. We recommend you buy shoes direct from us to keep class shoes consistent. We carry the Revolution Dancewear brand which is high quality and affordable.  A new online store is now available too – click here to shop
How do I sign up?  This is our favorite question!  Glad you asked!
We begin to enroll new students in April for the next Fall season which starts in September. 

Summer classes start in June.  Enrollment for summer normally begins in March -April.
You can start an account and register for classes online, just follow this link.
We utilize an online system to keep parent updated, see account info, class schedules.  It’s called Dance Studio Pro and all parents need an account.
For full-season classes: You’ll be emailed a confirmation of your class time; payments are due before the first class.  Please make sure you get a receipt for your payments.