Safety Measures and Instructions


Our goal is to keep you safe and socially distanced while at dance class. This means we need your help with the entrance and exit process. We will have two entrances– the main door and the door just to the left of our main entrance in the pink-colored alcove.  Both doors are IN only.

One direction traffic flow:

Dancers will EXIT from the studio of their class – the doors are marked with signs.  Studio C and B will exit the parking lot side,  Studio A will exit on the sidewalk along First Center Ave.

This new process isolates groups by class and eliminates interactions between non-class members.

  • Parents should drop off dancer(s) with a water bottle (if in more than one class), bag with shoes, and dance supplies.
  • Until conditions change, dancers are required to wear a face covering, unless a medical reason prevents it or unless dancer is under 5 years old.
  • Dance clothes should be on and hair pulled back.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class starts
  • Group warm-ups will be started in the lobby to allow for teachers to transition exiting students.IMG_1936 lobby
  • Students will be brought in to the lobby areas and lined up – by standing on a spot 6ft apart.
  • Hands will be sanitized upon entry and exit. With an Organic, 62% alcohol solution.IMG_1946
  • Attendance will be documented for contract tracing if needed
  • Students will be brought into classrooms and will bring their personal items with them into the classroom

After class, students will EXIT the studio from the new studio exits OR be brought back to lobby to switch to their next class if they are in more than one.

  • Parents are welcome to bring a lawn chair for outdoor seating to wait
  • Please practice physical distancing, stay 6 feet apart outside or wait in your car
  • Parents, if you need to come inside, you must wear a mask
  • Staff will be outside to welcome your dancer
  • Staff will be outside exit doors to ensure their safety and return to parents.  Please wait by the studio door exit for pick up (there are 3 exits)
  • The lobby, waiting and play areas are closed
  • Bathrooms are available please use the main entrance for bathroom access,  for adults-mask required for entry

Thank you all for your cooperation in the age of COVID -19.

Watch this video to see our safety features in action!

*New* Brodhead Dance Academy – COVID FAQs    (August 2020)

What happens if a child in a class has a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • Child must stay out of dance class for 14 days
  • Parents will be notified that a child in the class was diagnosed and given instruction, if we get from county health dept. contact tracers
  • Teacher and Children will monitor for symptoms and wear masks in class at all times.
  • Need to follow privacy and HIPPA guidelines for notifications, no names used.

What happens if a family member who lives with a dancer has a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • Child should remain out of class for 10 days
  • Parents are notified to watch for symptoms
  • Teacher and classmates will monitor for symptoms

What happens if a teacher is directly exposed to a child or person with COVID-19?

  • Teacher will self – isolate for 10 days and monitor for symptoms.
  • Teacher will get a COVID Test before returning, must show negative
  • Teacher will be paid normal pay for time away due to COVID.
  • Teacher will prep a substitute teacher and/or conduct the class virtually if able with in room assistance.
  • Parents will be notified if children have been exposed to teacher or other source of exposure.

We will follow privacy and HIPPA guidelines for notifications, no names will be used

  • If no teacher subs are available classes for that teacher will be cancelled for two weeks;
  • Direct Exposure according to CDC is listed as: at close proximity for 15 minutes, with or without a mask. In our socially distance setting this condition would not be met with students/teacher/staff.

What happens when a teacher a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • All of the parents will be notified via Dance Studio Pro parent portal/email
  • All Classes for this teacher may be cancelled for 2 weeks after a confirmed case. If longer is needed, we will bring in a substitute teacher after 2 weeks.
  • A substitute teacher will be called in for problematic symptoms prior to testing, based on situation.
  • The entire studio could potentially close for 2 weeks – depends on circumstances and guidance from the health department and availability of a substitute teacher.

What happens if the Brodhead school cancels face- to-face instruction and goes virtual?

  • Assuming there’s an outbreak at the school or community forcing this decision, we will consider a 2-week break.
  • A teachers meeting will be called to discuss and make final decision.
  • If the state mandates closure, we will follow state mandate or other guidance for gym/dance schools. Having the schools conducting virtual only actually helps us by reducing exposure to kids in school, so we would continue with classes in our socially distanced format, but we will consider a two-week break.

What happens if multiple students and teachers are confirmed with COVID-19 or illness becomes widespread?

  • We close the studio for at least 2 weeks, move recital date back and resume classes after closure.
  • Staff meeting will be called to make a closure determination/consider all circumstances.
  • Recital dates are scheduled assuming that we’ll have one or two closure sessions, or a lot of snow days.