Safety Measures and Instructions

DanceAcademy_2015Welcome Back Dancers and Dance Families!  Safety first!

Our goal is to keep you safe and socially distanced while at dance class.  This means we need your help with the entrance and exit process. We will have two entrances– the main door and the door just to the left of our main entrance in the pink-colored alcove.  Both doors are IN only.

One direction traffic flow:

Dancers will EXIT from the studio of their class – the doors are marked with signs.  Studio C and B will exit the parking lot side,  Studio A will exit on the sidewalk along First Center Ave.

This new process isolates groups by class and eliminates interactions between non-class members.

  • Parents should drop off dancer(s) with a water bottle (if in more than one class), bag with shoes, and dance supplies.
  • Dance clothes should be on and hair pulled back.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class starts and wait to be call inIMG_1936 lobby
  • Students will be brought in to the lobby areas and lined up – by standing on a spot 6ft apart.
  • Hands will be sanitized upon entry and exit. With an Organic, 62% alcohol solution.IMG_1946
  • Attendance will be documented for contract tracing if needed
  • Students will be brought into classrooms and will bring their personal items with them into the classroom, a cubie will be available for storage.

After class, students will EXIT the studio from the new studio exits OR be brought back to lobby to switch to their next class if they are in more than one.

  • Parents are welcome to bring a lawn chair for outdoor seating to wait
  • Please practice physical distancing, stay 6 feet apart outside or wait in your car
  • Parents, if you need to come inside, you must wear a mask
  • Staff will be outside to welcome your dancer
  • Staff will be outside exit doors to ensure their safety and return to parents.  Please wait by the studio door exit for pick up (there are 3 exits)
  • The lobby, waiting and play areas are closed
  • Bathrooms are available please use the main entrance for bathroom access,  for adults-mask required for entry

Thank you all for your cooperation – I’m sure we’ll have many lessons to learn as we re-create our class entry/exit/transitions in the age of COVID -19.

Watch this video to see our safety features in action!