Welcome & About Us


Brodhead Dance Academy was established by DeAnne Boegli in 2001, who strongly believes in the psychological benefits of dance, on top of the physiological benefits of dance. Hundreds of children are involved in our program and we welcome you!

I’m Smart, I’m Strong, and I Love to Dance!
We say this phrase at the end of each class to remind ourselves how smart, strong, and talented we really are!

We believe that since life is a stage, you may as well dance through it! Both on and off the stage, dance plays an essential role in a child’s development. We grow strong dancers and more importantly strong people at the Brodhead Dance Academy in Brodhead, Wis.

We welcome students of all ages!   Both boys and girls aged 3+ – 18 are able to enroll at Brodhead Dance Academy.  Register now! 
We have a full store at our studio and can special order any sizes you need.  Convenient ONLINE STORE – This allows you to shop for shoes and clothing that is pre-approved by staff, and mailed to your home.