Special Announcement updated June 2020:  Emailed 6/7 to all parents, updated 6/17

A Message for our Dance Families – Get Ready to Dance!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We never could have anticipated any of this and it’s been extremely difficult for all everyone. We’ve received so much love and support from all of you and it truly makes us feel blessed. We miss our dancers very much!

We’ve been busy consulting with health professionals, the county health department, and parents through the parent poll. Based on the tremendous amount of feedback, we are excited to announce our return to classes! We will hold make-up classes for 4 weeks in July (3 missed + 1 free bonus week), beginning July 6. The season will wrap up the weekend of August 1 & 2 with a modified series of small dance performances on stage.

As a dance school, we felt compelled to deliver on our promise to get the kids on stage and dancing again. Thank you for voicing your support for this option! The example of creativity and perseverance we are setting as a community will be such a positive observation for our children. We also hope the physical distancing measures they learn with us at the studio will help them be even more prepared for their return to traditional school in the fall.

With that being said, our studio and classes will not look like they have in the past. We are taking physical distancing and sanitation very seriously. The health and safety of our dancers come above all else! Thankfully, our 6,000 sq. ft. building allows the extra space necessary for distancing recommendations.

In fact, we will be:

  • Announcing a new process for drop off and pick up using our multiple entrances and exits. This means parents will need to wait in the parking area or bring a lawn chair to wait outside.
  • Designating pick up areas outside of the classrooms allowing directional traffic patterns for the majority of students. Meaning they come in one way and exit the studio through an external door after class. (don’t worry, we have maps!)
  • Closing the lobby and play area to visitors, parents, and siblings.
  • Creating sanitation stations for hand cleaning before and after class.
  • Hiring a professional cleaning crew for nightly deep cleaning and training staff members on proper sanitation protocols between classes.
  • Creating floor markers throughout the building to keep children distanced as much as possible.
  • Removing as many touchable surfaces as possible.
  • Removing the onsite water cooler, so students will need to bring a personal water bottle labeled with their name.
  • Improving the air quality using HEPA filters which will be changed weekly.
  • Tracking attendance carefully, allowing us to do contact tracing if a confirmed exposure should occur.
  • Adding six additional staff members, or volunteers, each night to help us move children through the building and monitor pick up/drop off locations for safety.
  • In addition, teachers will wear face coverings; children will have the option of wearing a mask but will not be required to do so.

In the coming weeks, we will record a video walkthrough with instructions, so you all may prepare to return to class. We’ll illustrate what to expect inside and outside the studio. Please watch this video with your dancer(s).

As you can see, we’ve put a great deal of thought and planning into bringing our dancers back safely. This restart in July will also help us learn and make additional improvements if needed before our regular fall season begins in September.

A form was sent out 6/17 for you to complete letting us know if your dancer intends to return in July, please check your email. At that time, we will also ask you to give us your shipping address so we may provide you a free DVD of the August performance.

Modified August Performance

While planning is still underway, I’ll give you a basic outline of our intention. We’ll break up the performance by 30-minute time slots.  For example, classes that normally rehearsed in studios A, B, & C at 5:00 p.m. on Monday will arrive at the same time at the high school for their performance. We will call students by class and do a “dress rehearsal” style run through followed immediately by a “real performance” which will be recorded for the DVD. Then we will call in the next time slot (5:30 p.m. on Mondays) rinse & repeat. The individual recordings will be compiled into a video, so all our dancers and families will have the opportunity to see the performances via the DVD. Our video production crew will be on-site for two solid days and we will provide a free DVD to each family (traditionally a $30 purchase).

Parents will be allowed to watch their child(ren) dance at the performance, and (we hope) bring a limited number of guests. This will of course be determined by the school and county rules in place at that time. No tickets will be required; visibility from the audience will be greatly improved due to the limited number of people attending. Additional DVD’s will be available for purchase if you would like more than the one free copy provided.

Bri Larson photography will be on-site to take individual pictures with the Broadway-themed backdrop. No class photos will be taken, only individuals, or small groups of your own choosing. As always, photos are optional to purchase and will be taken after the on-stage performance, at the high school to keep us on schedule.

Recital plan Groups 2020-06-17 122110

This modified recital plan allows us to maintain physical distancing guidelines and reduce the risk of exposure in a large crowd. We will keep records of those in attendance both at the recital and in class, in case contact tracing is needed.

I realize a few families may be uncomfortable with returning for safety reasons. If you feel this way, please allow me the opportunity to connect with you to listen to your concerns. We would love to see if there are any additional accommodations, we haven’t yet considered, that may help or provide additional assurance. Please contact me at ddboegli@charter.net to share your needs. We will do our absolute best to provide a safe and clean environment for your dancer. We also understand that while dancing with children, we cannot guarantee that everything will always go according to plan.

As with any decision, we acknowledge that we have not and cannot possibly please everyone. We want you to know that we have listened to your feedback, researched the latest health information, and brainstormed tirelessly to formulate a way to move forward. In the end, our decision comes from a place of love for dance and love for the children. We hope the kids, in light of so many recent disappointments, will be excited and energized to return to the academy and see their teachers and dance friends once again.

With love and kindness,

Ms. DeAnne and the teachers of the Brodhead Dance Academy

Extra Notes:

  • Teachers have recorded recital routines for at-home practice to keep our students prepared for the show view in your Dance Studio Pro accounts. Use the MORE drop down menu in your parent portal to find files and music.
  • We encourage all students to practice their routines at home as much as possible, all songs are loaded into Dance Studio Pro files per class
  • FALL REGISTRATION is now open, registration is free. Class schedules are available now.  Fall class start times are subject to change based on the government’s guidelines.


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