Classes & Registration

Registration is done conveniently online. First create a parent account, then you’ll be prompted to add your child or yourself as a student. After that, you can sign up for classes and pay online. If you aren’t quite ready to create an account, you can still view a list of available classes by clicking the “Classes” link in the top navigation. 

Our primary fall season will always display first, with special 4-6 week sessions (including yoga and ballroom) towards the bottom of the page.

Affordable Pricing:  Cost of classes ranges from $266 – 288 per season/per class – just under 10 dollars a week to dance with us for our main season with recital.  We have flexible payment options: credit card, check, cash or auto pay monthly.  Half of a total season is due at first class unless you are on a monthly payment option.

Special session classes generally start at $10 per class, with a 6 week session costing 60 dollars.  Ballroom can more expensive depending on the number of participants.

Ready to get started?  Click Here to Register