Kylie Kubly

Image (1)What is your favorite thing about being a dance teacher at Brodhead Dance Academy? My favorite thing about being a dance teacher is sharing my greatest passion with children and other dancers. It has always been my favorite outlet for self-expression. I love encouraging students to recognize their strengths and uniqueness as performers and individuals. I love providing children a safe space to express their emotions through movement, and learning/working together. I love dancing so much because it makes me feel vulnerable and connected to myself and others. 

What age did you first start dancing? I was 4 years old when I first started dancing! I would’ve started earlier if I had the choice!

Where did you receive your training and/or what degrees/certificates do you have? I grew up dancing here at Brodhead Dance Academy from age 4-18 years old (2000-2014). I attended a variety of classes including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop. I also enrolled in Ballet classes at the Kehl School of Dance throughout high school. I trained as a dance major for 1.5 years at UW Milwaukee – Peck School of Arts – Ballet/Contemporary track (2014-2016). I received my Teaching Certification through Dance Masters of WI while in college (2017). That is when my teaching journey began at the Brodhead Dance Academy! I have also had the privilege of choreographing for the Brodhead High School Show Choir for 2 years. I have choreographed for the Milton High School Show Choir groups for 7 seasons now (2016-Present).

What words of advice do you have for our young dancers? No matter what you do, dance for joy. Dance for yourself and let it set you free. Also, sometimes students will want to take a break from dance for a season. I recommend trying to stick with it if you know you like it. Remember the feelings that the recital gives you! You will be glad you did when you’re older.

Tell me about you in a few sentences. When I am not dancing, I am usually spending time with my dogs and family. I love to exercise and learn dance tutorials in my spare time! I also work as a registered nurse on a neuroscience/medical surgical unit. I like to keep my brain and body moving, but also try to find time for silence and stillness through journaling, stretching, listening to podcasts, and rest. Life seems to always find a way to keep me busy, but dance keeps me centered and present in the moment.